Nov 21, 2014

Blog Button, And I'm Taking A Challenge!

A Little Yarn Blossom

Yay!! I made my own blog button! You can take it, and I'll take one of yours! Also, Yasmine at Cloudy Dreams is hosting a Winter Wonderland Challenge! It's a mixed challenge, so there will be plenty of different things to do. I can't wait! And I get a pretty button!

Cloudy Dreams
 I can't wait to get started! 

Nov 20, 2014

Blog Tag?

Sooo, I like blog tags. They're fun. I would like to start my own blog tag! I need help figuring out what it could be about, since there are so many out there. And I want to know if those of you who are bloggers would like to do the tag when it's ready! So comment with ideas and such please!

Nov 17, 2014

Pinterest Obssesion: Dreadlocks

I still have short hair. I'm in the process of growing it back out, and meanwhile, I'm contemplating what exactly what I'm doing with it after I'm done growing it out. I can't remember how I found it, but I found a picture of a woman with dreads. I was like ooh yeah! I looked up red heads with dreads (haha) and I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't think that red heads could look good with dreads (stupid, right?!) and I fell deeply in love with them. You're probably going like hold up. Don't you have to cut those off when you get tired of them? And don't they feel rough when you're sleeping? Well, you don't have to cut them. There's some way of brushing them out (I imagine that it will take a long time) and I'm sure they do feel scratchy when you go to sleep, but you could braid them or wear something over them to make it feel less weird. There's a lot to factor in when thinking about getting dreads. I have quite a bit of time to think about it. There's also a ton of tutorials on YouTube on how to make temporary dreads. I think when my hair is long enough, I'll try that so I get an idea. 
See what I mean? Also, I would love to put yarn and beads in my hair. 
I love the woman's hair on the right. 
Also, head scarfs. OH MY GOSH. I just want to buy all the cute headscarfs and get dreads. I would definitely leave out some hair for my bangs. I just love them! 

Nov 15, 2014

In Which I Decide Something

Okay. So I have an idea. It's not really an idea anymore, I guess. I've wanted to since I was ten or eleven. I, Darian Bryleigh McCarty, promise you dear reader, that I will write a book. And have it published.
What will this book be about you say? Well. I have ZERO idea. It could be a knitting book, it could be a cross stitch book (I'm such an old lady!) It could be an embroidery book. Those all sound extremely fun, but what my heart truly wants to write is YA fiction. So maybe after this book is done, I'll write a knitting/cross stitch/embroidery/crochet book for you all to enjoy. I have an idea of kind of how I want this book to be narrated. I want it to be in second person. That's all I've got for now. Also, I have another anouncement. I am entering in a writing contest! Blue Fire is having a writing contest. It's 1000 words, and the winner wins $1000. My friend Jenna and her sister Rylee are entering too. It's going to be fun! They are accepting story submissions until February 1, 2015. Next year, I am also participating in NaNoWriMo. I'm gonna be busy! Are you doing anything big this year?

Nov 13, 2014


So I'm starting a business. It doesn't have a name. Dear reader, I want you to help me with my name! Let me tell you a little bit about what it is. 
My business is a knitting/crocheting business. A client will ask me to knit/crochet something, and I make it and send it to them. I am going to do business from my blog for now. In the future, I will set up a website and go from there. I'm super excited about this! So please comment with any name ideas you have! Thank you!

Day Of The Dead

I know Day Of The Dead was quite a bit ago, but I wanted to share these pictures with y'all. We went to our local musem where they were having a celebration and there was a ton of people. It was fun! They had many altars set up for different people.
We made these little designs with colored wood chips. The flowers were made with a cardboard stencil.

Berkleigh made this skull without using a stencil!

She did more to the skull, but I forgot to take more pictures.

This was in the rooms that had the altars. they had a bunch more, but I liked this one the best. It was really awesome to see all of the artwork and how the altars were put together.

Nov 11, 2014

Birthday Cake

Mmmm. I loved my cake this year! I made this cake. It was moist and fluffy!
Berkleigh took these pictures of me frosting my cake.
I tried to do a petal frosting. It's not perfect, but I was super happy with it!

Here is the end effect!

I used this tutorial for my frosting.
Cake for everyone!