Sep 6, 2014


I hate to say it, but I've been reading a little less than usual. I don't know why, but maybe it's because I just haven't had much luck with the super amazing books since the library closed off the downstairs YA section. The upstairs doesn't have the biggest selection. But I did finish a book that was pretty good! The book is called A Death Struck Year. 

Here's the Goodreads summary:
For Cleo Berry, the people dying of the Spanish Influenza in cities like New York and Philadelphia may as well be in another country--that's how far away they feel from the safety of Portland, Oregon. And then cases start being reported in the Pacific Northwest. Schools, churches, and theaters shut down. The entire city is thrust into survival mode--and into a panic. Headstrong and foolish, seventeen-year-old Cleo is determined to ride out the pandemic in the comfort of her own home, rather than in her quarantined boarding school dorms. But when the Red Cross pleads for volunteers, she can't ignore the call. As Cleo struggles to navigate the world around her, she is surprised by how much she finds herself caring about near-strangers. Strangers like Edmund, a handsome medical student and war vet. Strangers who could be gone tomorrow. And as the bodies begin to pile up, Cleo can't help but wonder: when will her own luck run out?

I really liked the details the author put into the book, because I could see everything in my mind, and I felt like I couldn't really breathe clean air, and I could see the people Cleo was trying to save. I rated it three stars on Goodreads because I felt like the ending could've been a bit stronger. All in all, it was a good book. 
 Right now, I'm reading Skylark, which is the first book in the Skylark trilogy.

It's pretty good so far, but it's kind of slow. Nicely done with the descriptions though. That's all I have for today! 

Aug 30, 2014

Rocky Mountain Showdown

Hey everyone! Yesterday we went to the Rocky Mountain Showdown football game. If you don't know what this is, it's a football game between the Colorado State Rams and the Colorado University Buffs. The game happens every year at the Denver bronco's stadium, and it's so fun! Here are some pictures from before kickoff.
CSU's marching band spelling Ram
CSU's marching band spelling Cam (Their mascot) 
Go Rams!

Berkleigh and Blakeleigh took a selfie with me. 
The game was really fun, and the Rams won!!  The score was 31-17. I'm going to be talking a lot about football, since Blaze and Blitz's flag football season starts soon. Also, I'm going to put a poll on my blog, and I would really love it if y'all answered the questions. Thanks!

Aug 26, 2014


Soooooo...This month has been full of changes. I've noticed it in the weather, and some other things. But in terms of my family and I, things are going to get busy. Today, we start a homeschool enrichment program, called Apex. I'm really excited about it, I think it will be a nice change of pace. And on Wednesday, I am going to the orthodontist to start the process of getting braces, Berkleigh is going to get contacts, and Blakeleigh and Blaze are getting some chips filled. I am going to try to blog as much as I can, but I have no idea how this will work out. So just know that if I haven't blogged in a while, that's the reason.

Aug 24, 2014

Hike at Brainard Lake

Oh geez. I've done it again. Sorry peoples, I really don't mean to disappear on y'all! Anyways, earlier this month, we went up to Brainard Lake. It was really pretty, but the drive going up was kind of painful. When we first moved to Colorado from Texas, we lived up in the mountains. It was for the most part the best place I'd lived. Sometimes I just want to go back to the happy days, when we would just play all day outside in shorts and t-shirts in the 50 degree sunshine. When my two closest friends lived near us, and when we would write letters to each other. When it started snowing, we made a fire in the wood stove, and we had stew and bread. I miss those times, but then I think about the experiences I've had since we left the mountains, and I don't want to give those up either. So it was nice remembering things I had put in the back of my mind since we had moved down. But the whole day was really fun. When we were driving up to the parking lot, we saw cars along the side of the road, and people milling about, but mostly staying on the right side. Momma rolled down her window and asked a guy what they were all looking at, and the guy said, the moose! (A couple of minutes earlier, momma had been talking how she wanted to see just one male moose!) The crazy thing was, there were THREE male moose! They were all just eating, and they were HUGE! Their antlers were still fuzzy.
While we were having our picnic lunch, I took pictures of these pretty flowers.

And here's another picture of one of the moose. They were adorable!
 I would've taken more pictures, except my phone decided to die after I took pictures of the flowers. But I think I probably would have just put my phone away regardless, so I could enjoy the hike. Before we left, Momma took a picture of us on the giant boulder. 
It was a really great hike.

Aug 11, 2014

App Review

Today, I'm going to review an app! I have an iPhone, and I love it. I have the Elevate app, which is a reading/writing/grammar based app. You play games, (three a day if you don't have pro, more if you do.) and they train your brain to correct grammar mishaps, and use better words in writing. This app is also rated five stars in the App Store. Here are some screen shots from the games I played today. The games designs are beautiful, modern and incredibly easy to use. 
 This game is all about antonyms. You tap a balloon, find it's opposite, then the balloons will pop. Sometimes they have little bonuses, like an arrow that shoots a balloon, or a balloon that makes all the others shrink in size. If you get an answer wrong, the balloons grow bigger. It's my favorite game on this app.

 This game is all about positive and negative words, and using better words in sentences. You sort the words to a box, either positive or negative. If you get it right, then it builds your castle higher. It's a quick game, that's the only con about it. I'd like it to go a bit longer, or maybe have another level.
This game is one of the harder ones. This game is about finding the person speaking's grammatical errors. Sometimes it's challenging, but I like that in a game. It keeps me motivated. So while the person is speaking about a subject, (for an example, U.S. Dollars) you have to listen hard for their mistakes. If you miss, it will stop, rewind, and show you the mistake. It also gives you a chance to correct it. It's really fun, and I like being able to sharpen my grammar skills. This game is going to come in handy with my writing and speaking!

All in all, I would rate this app five stars, for the attractiveness in the app's design, and the easy-to-play games. Do you have any app recommendations? Leave them in the comments!

Aug 9, 2014

I've been Slacking Again...

Hey everyone!I just wanted to let y'all know, I have not forgotten about posting. : P It's actually the opposite! I'm writing down more ideas for posts every day! I will have some up soon, don't worry. : ) Sorry this was short, but I'm trying to stay off the internet for a while and work on other important things.

Jul 31, 2014

A 14 Year Old's Point Of View

Hey everybody! So today instead of doing a Spotify Playlists post, I'm gonna go tree hugger on y'all. (ALSO!! I am a Democrat. This is my opinion only, and if I get some stuff wrong, that's okay, after all I'm a 14 year old girl and I am not always correct) I want to rant a bit about fracking. I live in Colorado, and it is beautiful here, and there is so much to love about this state. But one thing I CANNOT take is the fracking. And the inequality and a lot more, but that's another rant for another day. We went to an amusement park called Lakeside (I will do a post on that soon) for Blitz's 7th birthday. While we were driving, I counted 33 fracking wells, most of which were really close to each other. Some were pretty near people's homes actually. What would happen if they blew up? How could anybody think that would be safe to put fracking wells near people's homes? Everybody is breathing in that awful air! There are so many commercials that will fool uneducated people about fracking, telling them lies about how it is safe, and effective, and even good for the Earth. (Also, the people who write those scripts? JUST STOP. You do not realize how fake you sound.) And there are too many uneducated people out there, who think that's it's okay, or they just don't care. Those people, they make me want to scream and pull my hair out. Because, it's not okay. It's literally killing the Earth, and no matter how hard we all try to be "green" and recycle and eat organic and drive our hybrid/electric cars, it will not help unless we stop fracking and stop using hurtful materials. I mean, come on everybody! It's 20freaking14! We should have all electric cars, and other sufficient ways to help the Earth! But no. People refuse pull their heads up out of their butts and look around. There is SO much wrong with this world. Fracking is one of many, many problems we have. But if everybody worked together, and took everything one step at a time, we could make everything better. Unfortunately, some people (who should never, ever have any power over anything) don't care, and would rather everyone suffer, because it means more money going to them. Every problem goes back to one thing, in my mind: it all comes back to money. Money=Power. It is very sickening how true it is. The big, wealthy, people are in power. They are the cause of a lot of our problems. And the most confusing thing to me, is that some people actually want these idiots in power. To what?! Ruin our lives? I'm not saying that I agree with every little bit that the democrats say or do, but they are doing more good than any republican ever will. Why? Because they usually know what's right. And usually, they care. And sometimes there are people who claim to be democrats, who just aren't. Like our Governor, John Hickenlooper. If he really is a democrat, he wouldn't support fracking. Here's a diagram of the fracking process:

How does anybody think that this is good for the Earth? Especially (according to this website) when in Oklahoma there have been 882 earthquakes in the past year, and Greeley has been having earthquakes now too! This should not be happening, and if it doesn't stop, there's going to be more "natural" disasters. That is all I have to say. Thank you for listening to my point of view.