We Were Liars Book Review

Have any of you read We Were Liars? 
A. I have not.
B. I have and liked it.
If you chose A, then READ IT.
If you chose B, then omgomg let's go over the awesomeness of this book!


The first day of spring was so amazing weather-wise, I had Blakeleigh take pictures of the springish outfit I was wearing.

Leibster Award

Holly from Summer Sky nominated me for the Liebster Award! Thank you darling!
Let's get down to business.
Not mine

Chicken Bowtie Pasta with Steamed Carrots

I love chicken. Plus pasta. This is one of my favorite dishes to make and eat. I feel like such a chef when I make it because it's such a dynamic, layered dish. I couldn't take any pictures of when I was making it, but I got the end result without the carrots. Here, feast your eyes on this: