Just a quick post this morning, sorry honeys! Solstice celebration is today. I'm sitting here with my headphones in, listening to Spotify. Some ads appear and then it's waiting for me to choose a song. I look at my sidebar where it's showing what the people I'm following's listening to. I scroll down and see that Coldplay had shared a track from Ghost Stories, called Ink. I thought, meh. Why not? So I click on it and hear the intro. A few seconds of typical Coldplay intro, and then I hear this cool drum beat. Not like drum set drums, like I think congas and another drum. And then I hear this beautiful, sad melody. I just love this song already. And then I hear it all together, with the lyrics, and instantly have this song saved. So this will be the song today. 
So yeah, I suggest you give this song a listen because it's great. Happy Solstice (yesterday? today? I can't remember)

My Entry for June's Contest

Drumroll please!...............

My Christmas Wish List

Christmas is quickly approaching (13 days!!)  So I thought I'd share my wishlist with y'all. *Note: these aren't my pictures, I got them from Google Images and Pinterest. Just FYI*

And The Name Is...

If you remember my post, I told you that I am starting a business! Here it is!

Yarn Blossom! Kind of a no brainer right? I'm so excited to do this! Here's how it works: I will knit/crochet/spin/embroider/cross stitch, etc., for an amount of money, (it will vary upon if the customer is providing supplies or not) and then they get a beautiful product! (More info will be on the page.)
This is going to be a fun new adventure!