Pinterest Obsession: Rose Gold

It is time again for a new episode of Pinterest Obsession! This month's obsession belongs to rose gold, because that is the most fabulous shade of gold ever. Some people call it copper, and sure, ok, I guess you can call it that. NOT. IT'S ROSE GOLD BECAUSE IT'S FANCY AND LOOKS GREAT. Copper is boring and not cool.
Without further ado, I give you all things rose gold!

This DIY:
Not mine

Yep. I'm very sorry.

I am so very sorry to disapear on y'all like that! I got sick with a cold and couldn't be on the computer. I just wanted to post a little update that the posts will resume ASAP (not today because we're having guests over.) Thank y'all for continuing to comment and visit my blog! I'm off to clean stuff, (bleh) Peace out Blossoms! 

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