15 July 2015

It's Time

I have been a blogger for a year and almost eight months. 
During that first year, I really struggled and was doubting myself a lot, wondering if I should keep blogging.
You Blossoms soon started arriving from all corners or the Internet, and gave me hope to continue A Little Yarn Blossom. 
Thank you.
It's time for me to take a break. 
I don't know for how long, but I will still be active on all my social media, and you can always email me!
I feel like this is something that will be good for me, and I will come back refreshed, new posts at the ready. 
I love all of you Blossoms, you're all so amazing! Thank you for being here and supporting me.
Who knows? Maybe I'll miss blogging and I'll come back even sooner!
I'll make one thing clear though: I am NOT leaving ALYB forever. I will be back!
I'll leave you with some of my favourite goodbye gifs.
 See you soon Blossoms.

13 July 2015

Interview: Olivia // Life As A Young Lady

Song of the day: Isle of Flightless Birds by Twenty One Pilots. 
It's pretty freaking great.

Lemme just tell you a thing or two about Olivia.
She is HILARIOUS. I can't tell you if I've ever not laughed at one of her posts. Her Pinterest? Out of this world. 
Her music taste? Flawless.
Her personality? PERFECTION I TELL YOU.
She might as well be Beyonce.
I haven't known her for extremley long, but oh my gosh I'm so glad I do know her. She's one of the best bloggers around. We have a lot in common (we both homeschool - me sort of) (and did I mention her music taste?)
She's just an awesome person.
Oliva and I have worked together before (see this post), and she's just so freaking amazing that I decided we needed to work together again.

We did an interview swap, so go check out her interview on her blog!

Favourite month?  
July! (I just said that 'cause it's my birthday month :P)

Same. I used to really dislike my birth month, but fall, pumpkin spice everything and my birthday are no match for younger me. (November birthdays, anyone?)

Favourite hobbies? 
Procrastinating horribly on YouTube, Pinterest, and Netflix.

YES. Momma just signed up for Netflix and we watched Mean Girls on it (I finally understand the memes on Pinterest!) and I think we'll be good friends.

Last thing you Pinned on Pinterest?  
You probably expected some beautiful and inspiring quote or photo but


I am practically in the Avengers fandom and I've never seen the movies. *cringes*

Has your blog ever changed names?  
Nope, it's been Life as a Young Lady from the beginning.

Your blog name is perfect.

What year did you start Life As A Young Lady?  
August 2013. Ew...2013 me...*shudders*

Oh my gosh yes! When I go back and look at all of my 2013 posts I sound like an overly hyper chihuahua. 

What's your dream vacation?  
Either Hawaii or California. Or a city-like place with nice stores (of course I'd like all expenses paid + extra cash so I can do some shopping)

Same. I'm saving up for a plane ticket for some day *looks into the distance longingly* I'd like to go to France or Italy too.

Introvert or Extrovert? 
Introvert so much it hurts (literally like physically deep down in my gut socialization hurts)

I'm actually both, but I'm more extroverted. When I was 13 I did not want to get out of the house (unless I was going to the library or we were doing something fun).

How many siblings do you have?  
Just one and that is enough thank you because if I had any more versions of my little brother I'd be in an insane asylum (love you lil bro ♥)

*giggles manically* *coughs* 
(Just kidding, I love all my siblings. Even though sometimes they make me truly crazy.) 

Where do you blog? 
In my dining room (typing that out makes it sound random and weird but our family uses our dining room more than other people use their living room)

That's cool! Now I wanna figure out what room we use most. 

Last book you read?  
Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle (currently in the middle of reading it)

Everyone says they're really good, I just haven't read them because ten year old me thought they looked boring.

Favourite word? 
I...have no clue. I'm loving saying "nae-nae" although I'm unsure if that counts as one word or two.


Spring or Summer? 
Summerrrr (although summer weather in the midwest can be life-threatening)

Summer all the waayy! Colorado winters last too freaking long.

What color is your dream house?  
Never thought about it, but my dream room would probably be either mint green or tiffany blue.

Mine would be white and maybe blue. 

Apple or Android?  
Apple for sure; I'm stuck with an Android phone for now but I can't wait to get an iPhone--and I'd really love a Mac as well.

iPhones are the best. My parents have Androids and I just can't. I'm saving for a Mac and it's gonna take foreverrrrr!

Last food you ate?  
It's funny 'cause the last thing I ate was cherries (for breakfast) but I'm literally just about to eat a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches so I'm right on the line here.

Lucky! Cherries are the best. 
Did you learn more things about Olivia and I?
How has your summer gone so far?

02 July 2015

30 June 2015

Monthly Round Up - June

Hey Blossoms! How was your June?
Mine was pretty great! Let's take a look back, shall we?

25 June 2015

23 June 2015